Ep:7 Author & Marketing Agency CEO, Thomas Roman


Main Street Author Podcast-Episode #7

On this episode of the Main Street Author Podcast, I am having a conversation with marketing agency CEO and author, Thomas Roman. Tom is the founder and CEO of Roman Media, a digital marketing agency in New Jersey.

During our conversation, you will hear Tom share all the reasons he finally completed his first book, The Vision, and how my shook, Main Street Author, gave him the final push to get it done. You will also hear how Tom plans to use his book as a starting point for all new client projects.

You can learn more about Tom at RomanMedia.com. You can also check out the book launch video he created for The Vision.


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2 thoughts on “Ep:7 Author & Marketing Agency CEO, Thomas Roman”

  1. Mike, thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed on your podcast. Also, thanks for the coaching and mentor-ship in pushing me to get this project done. I can say, with 100% confidence, that if it wasn’t for you, this book would not be live right now. I encourage anyone who has an idea for a book to call Mike and work with him to get it done. I read once that, “Half finished work is labor lost” and that is absolutely true. I encourage anyone reading this, if you have an idea for a book, to finish it and transform it from a file on your computer to a book that serves people. You just have to get it on the shelf. Mike, thank you again and please know how much of a difference you and your team made in my life. Sincerely, Tom Roman

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