Ep:41 Author & Tax Planner, Diane Gardner


Main Street Author Podcast-Episode #41

On this episode of the Main Street Author Podcast, I interview Certified Tax Planner & Author, Diane Gardner.

Diane prepares returns and helps taxpayers nationwide maximize profits and tax savings and has written 14 books. She is a Mastery Level Certified Profit First Professional and has elite certification as a Certified Tax Planner.

She has also created the nationwide Get Off the Wheel Practice Management Solutions for Accountants program where she coaches other accountants to utilize systems and procedures as a way to become more successful and increase profits while decreasing stress.


Diane shared a ton of practical tips and strategies she uses to leverage her books including:

  • How to get a VIP to write your Foreword
  • Her "Don't take the foot off the gas" marketing strategies
  • Her book signing strategy
  • How she turns one book into multiple books

You can learn more about Diane by visiting TaxCoach4You.com/author.

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