Ep:25 Author & Promotional Marketing Expert, Avery Manko


Main Street Author Podcast-Episode #25

On this episode of the Main Street Author Podcast, I interview promotional marketing expert & Author, Avery Manko.

His company, The Manko Company, is a promotional products distributorship. They've helped thousands of businesses throughout the United States build their brand, get more leads and referrals, retain customers and increase sales.


Avery is the author of Uncomplicated Marketing: A No Nonsense Guide to Growing Your Business Using Promotional Products, which shows readers why promotional products are an effective marketing medium, how to choose items that work best for their business and how to use them effectively to get the best results.

One of the neat things Avery did with his book is that is affixed a $20 gift card to the cover, thereby enticing readers to "spend" that $20 on promotional items.  


You can learn more about Avery by visiting https://www.mankocompany.com.


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1 thought on “Ep:25 Author & Promotional Marketing Expert, Avery Manko”

  1. Phil Brakefield

    Avery is dead on in his analysis of the promotional products potential buyer.

    And, he’s really smart to have niched himself into the insurance agent space….but not to the exclusion of other industries.

    Brilliant to become THE guy in that marketplace.

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