Avoiding Strategic Blunders in Book Author Websites

On episode #183 of The Author Factor Podcast I am having a conversation with Pauline Wiles.


Pauline is an author turned website designer who helps other authors and thought leaders create beautiful, results-oriented websites.

I invited Pauline to be a guest today so that she can share some of her best tips and ideas for authors and their websites, which is exactly what she did in this information-packed episode.

The single most important takeaway from this episode of The Author Factor Podcast is the importance of having a clear purpose for your website and your book, and using them as strategic tools to support your long-term business goals. This requires a focus on the quality of your content, such as concise and helpful videos, and a long-term commitment to promoting your book and your business.

Pauline shares a valuable author insight:

Learn more about Pauline by visiting:

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