Bundle Your Brilliance: Transform Your Wisdom Into Profitable Online Courses with Nancy Giere

On episode #209 of The Author Factor Podcast I am having a conversation with online course expert and author, Nancy Giere.


Nancy is a master of educational experiences, blending storytelling with humor to revolutionize interactive learning. With her new book, "Bundle Your Brilliance: Turn Your Expertise Into Profitable Online Courses," Nancy distills 30 years of frontline experience into a treasure trove of knowledge, providing a blueprint for turning expertise into engaging, actionable, and profitable online courses.

During our conversation, Nancy shared insights on transforming wisdom into a profit-generating online course. As a nonfiction book author, she talked about her journey of accidental entry into the learning and development world and how she honed her instructional design expertise. Nancy's strategies, like using her book as an entree to connect with potential clients and leveraging speaking engagements, provide practical insights for aspiring nonfiction book authors.

Unlocking the Author Factor: This Episode's Big Takeaway

The key author factor from this episode is the value of leveraging your knowledge and expertise to create profitable online courses. Nancy Giere emphasizes the importance of turning your intellectual property into engaging, actionable, and profitable online courses. She also discusses the significance of writing a book as a way to establish oneself as a thought leader or expert in a particular field. Additionally, Nancy highlights the impact of social proof and how writing a book has changed the way people perceive her, ultimately leading to greater recognition and feedback from readers.

Nancy Giere describes her Author Factor...

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