Live Life on Fire: Secrets to a Successful Life – Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell

On episode #197 of The Author Factor Podcast I am having a conversation with attorney, CPA, minister, and author, Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell.


Lynita has published five books and during our conversation she shares her journey towards living a fulfilled life and discusses her newest book, Live Life on Fire: The Guide to the Ultimate Successful Life Full of Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment, which offers practical advice on finding peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Unlocking the Author Factor: This Episode's Big Takeaway

The key author factor from this episode is the importance of living a life full of peace, joy, and fulfillment. Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell shares her journey of finding balance and overcoming exhaustion, and she emphasizes the need to prioritize self-care and being present in the moment. By embracing stillness, listening, and living in alignment with our purpose, we can experience true happiness and success.

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell shares what it means to be an author...

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