The Art of the Perfect Story and Business Storytelling with Karen Eber

On episode #206 of The Author Factor Podcast I am having a conversation with author, international leadership consultant, and keynote speaker, Karen Eber.


As the CEO and Chief Storyteller of Eber Leadership Group, Karen helps companies build leaders, teams, and culture one story at a time.

Karen works with Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, Microsoft, Facebook, Kate Spade, and Big 4 Consulting Companies.

Her new book, The Perfect Story, evolves the conversation on storytelling. She explains how to leverage the science of storytelling to create an engaging story. Without relying on complicated models or one-size-fits-all prescriptions, The Perfect Story makes storytelling accessible with practical and impactful steps for anyone to tell the perfect story for any occasion.

Unlocking the Author Factor: This Episode's Big Takeaway

The key author factor from this episode is the power of storytelling in leadership and communication. Karen Eber's insights on how storytelling engages the brain and her unique approach to crafting engaging narratives can help leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners understand the science behind storytelling and use it as a dynamic tool for creating connections and communication. Her book, "The Perfect Story: How to Tell Stories That Inform, Influence, Inspire," offers practical techniques and a new way of looking at storytelling that can benefit anyone, regardless of industry or profession.

Karen Eber shares her Author Factor...

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