The Curiosity-Based Approach: Improving Workplace Relationships with Dr. Julie Pham

On episode #213 of The Author Factor Podcast I am having a conversation with Julie Pham, PhD, a beacon of inspiration who went from a Saigon boat refugee to an acclaimed author, speaker, and founder of Curiosity Based.


In this episode, Julie shares how she self-published her second book, 7 Forms of Respect: A Guide to Transforming Your Communication and Relationships at Work, incorporating practical exercises and thought-provoking questions that revolutionize workplace interactions. Julie's journey from academic writing to self-publishing offers inspiring strategies for aspiring nonfiction authors.

7Forms of Respect offers a fresh perspective on communication and relationship building in the workplace. Julie's dedication to sharing her message through self-publishing and her unique approach to promoting her book make her author journey not only interesting but also an inspiring blueprint for nonfiction authors looking to navigate their own self-publishing path. If you are an aspiring nonfiction author seeking tangible strategies and real-world examples for your journey, this episode with Julie Pham is a must-listen.

Unlocking the Author Factor: This Episode's Big Takeaway

The key author factor from this episode is the importance of practicing curiosity, self-awareness, relationship-building, and clear communication in the workplace. Understanding and respecting different forms of respect, as discussed in Julie Pham's book "7 Forms of Respect," is key to transforming workplace interactions and relationships. Additionally, Julie's experience with self-publishing and leveraging crowdfunding to bring her book into the world highlights the power of community support and the value of being proud of one's creative journey.

Dr. Julie Pham shares her Author Factor...

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